Spare a thought for our truck drivers!

Carved pumpkins? Fake blood? Ghoulish costumes? It must be Halloween!

We love a good scare here at DrivenMedia and that got us thinking; which roads do our trucks travel along without even knowing they are haunted?

You may know some of your own scary highways but here are five of the most common (or scariest) roads in the UK:


A75 Kinmount Straight – South West Scotland

In all research undertaken, “The Haunted Highway” or “Ghost Road” was featured the most by any road in the UK on similar articles and lists.

The 15-mile, or so, stretch from Dumfries to Annan is considered the most haunted road in Scotland and has had many spooky happenings, the earliest known from the 1950’s.

Other-worldly animals, ethereal apparitions and disappearing couples have been spotted with many unexplained reports to boot.

We think driving with a friend in daylight is the order of the day here.


A616 Stocksbridge Bypass – South Yorkshire

A relatively new road, this. Built in 1987 to connect Sheffield to Manchester, sightings of the paranormal began to surface mid-construction of the bypass.

An official report, and newspaper article, from the period describes two security guards witnessing several sightings of suspicious children in “old-fashioned clothes” dancing and laughing. On investigation, the children mysteriously disappeared.

Other construction workers corroborated the story with what sounded to be children singing in the middle of the night.

On the same evening, the guards noticed a cloaked figure but it vanished too. One of the guards, completely disturbed and traumatised by this, quit his job a few days later.

Police officers were sent to the scene and experienced their own activity, such as their car shaking and “a man’s torso pressed up against the window”.

Similar sightings have been perceived in recent years with countless drivers thinking children are playing at nearby pylons and swerving to avoid bodies in the road.

More daylight driving it is then!


A229 Blue Bell Hill – Kent

A road notoriously known by the police, labelled the most haunted road in the UK sees one case of paranormal activity at the same area of the A229 between Maidstone and Chatham.

First reported in 1974, a driver handed themselves in to the police after having knocked down a young woman in a white dress and laying a blanket over the body, only for the police to find no body, or scenes of an incident, having taken place.

The woman, it’s been alleged, is the ghost of Judith Langham who had recently been wed (still wearing her bridal gown) and was killed in a road collision in 1965.

Ever since, motorists have encountered her, or rather ran her over, yet are never able to find the body.

A road for true fans of ghost hunting for sure.


M6 Junction 16 to 19 – Cheshire

One that staff here at DrivenMedia were first to mention.

The longest road in the UK with, not surprisingly, the most sightings of the paranormal.

Motorists between J16 at Crewe and J19 at Knutsford seem to unearth the most activity ranging from patrolling Roman soldiers to a rogue oncoming truck driver (not one of our trucks though).

In 2017, this stretch of the M6 was the site of 70 serious incidents which psychic, Mike Brooker, has called “Britain’s Bermuda Triangle”. He believes that this part of the M6 was built on a Roman burial site and was also built on the site of the slaughter of a Scottish army and is the reason for fatalities and near misses.

Travelling north to Manchester? Please, drive safely.


A21 – Sevenoaks Bypass

We’ve so far heard of ghosts, apparitions, phantoms and the like, but disappearing roads? Then new roads in its place? That is what’s potentially in store for you if you are travelling along the Sevenoaks bypass on the A21.

Specifically, the happenings occur where the bypass crosses the old Gracious Lane. Numerous motorists have eyewitness accounts that confirm the road seemed to vanish with a new one set in its place. Local legend believes that the ghost of Gracious Lane is the cause behind this spectacle and is a way at wreaking revenge.

That isn’t all for this unnerving piece of carriageway.

Drivers on both sides of the reservation have been known to hit an old lady in a brown coat, at the same time. Strangely enough, an elderly woman was killed in 1959 and two cars were involved in the incident…

We’ll leave that one there.


If you are thinking of travelling on these particular roads, this Halloween, good luck. Spare a thought for our truckers who tackle these roads, and more, on a day to day basis!

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