Get your mouth watering with our Christmas Food Facts infographic!

Five fun facts about your favourite Christmas food…


Who knew that a ‘sugar plum’ is not, in fact, meant to be a plum at all?! 

Or that you’ll eat an average of 27 mince pies this year? (Don’t worry – our 50 balances out your four :))


We hope we don’t leave you feeling too hungry after reading this…

Infographic detailing facts about five different christmas foods including mince pies, turkey, sugar plums, eggnog and yule logs.

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No-one ever asks us about food.

We really like it! Especially Christmas food 🙂 And chocolate. And crispy mint choc things… And – you get the idea.

Send us your favourite Christmas food ideas and we’ll share them with our readers – we may even make them ourselves 🙂


(You can also talk to us about all the other things too – but we’d prefer food)

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