4 Tips for Keeping you Safe (and Sane!) on your Festive Road Trip

1. Have a Christmas road trip spring clean!

There’s nothing nicer than crisp fresh sheets, a freshly painted room… and a lovely clean smelling car…

Before you hit the road have a good clean out and get your dash valet-fresh. It’ll do wonders for your state of mind whilst travelling and you’ll feel much better about strapping in for the 3 – 4 – 5 hour journey! (What’s the furthest you’ve travelled? We’d love to know!)

Once you’re happy with your efforts and your in-car storage pockets have been suitably frisked; grab a cuppa, have a break and take a look at this handy guide we found for tips on packing your car for your Christmas trip.


2. Choose your departure time carefully to avoid Christmas traffic

If you’re hitting the road to visit family or friends this Christmas, it will pay to plan your leaving time carefully. So, what time should you leave to avoid Christmas traffic? It seems obvious to suggest travelling ‘off-peak’ but that zone is hazy (to say the least) amidst the frantic Friday chaos!

We’ve all been there, trying to figure out the merits of catching the traffic at this end or that end of the M1… The bottom line is – the further away you try and predict traffic problems – the more chance there is of the situation changing! 

Travel at night if you can – the roads will be quieter. Drivers rushing for their evening appointments will have arrived and you can take your time getting to your holiday hide out… If you have children, try a few well-placed cushions/pillows and some music – they are more likely to nod off and leave you in peace (although don’t make things too comfortable – stay alert yourself!).


3. Prepare yourself – and your car – for your festive trip…

First things first, check the weather. Although us hardy Brits can take any forecast with a pinch of salt (don’t forget to salt a driveway that might be icy on your return!), it doesn’t hurt to have a clue or two.

Check your journey and plan a few detour options in case you run into problems. Ask your hosts at the other end if there are any roadworks you should know about. Have you ever relied on your Sat Nav or even Google Maps, only to run out of battery on a detour? Agghhh! Do you have an in-car charger? Make sure it works and check your backup power pack is fully charged if you have one.

Take a look at the RAC’s guide to preparing your car for Winter. They give great advice on all the usual checks, as well as advice on how to create an emergency breakdown kit. Stash it in your boot!


4. Avoid road rage and seasonal stress!

When we read in a report by our partners Brake, The Road Safety Charity, that 71% of drivers experienced stress at the wheel, we thought we’d better include a mention in this blog post about one of the most stressful times of the year!

We scoured the web and found some helpful resources for those of you who know that the last-minute Christmas shopping, frantic packing and all that traffic may just tip you over the edge. The key to avoiding road rage is minimising stress – so do just that and follow the steps above. Then, to reboot your brain before you hit the road, tell everyone to take those last minute toilet breaks while you take 3 minutes and try out this really quick pre-drive calming exercise

If you’ve got passengers – young or old – make sure they know that you need to concentrate properly, set the ground rules and remind them the driver is in charge of the music! Is your passenger allowed to fall asleep or do you need them alert? Can the kids mess around or do you need quiet?

There are plenty of ideas on the web for games you can play in the car… don’t forget our favourite – #dmspotted! If you spot one of our trucks, ask a passenger to take a photo of it and send it in for a mention. Include your name (if you wish) and the place you spotted it and upload it to our facebook page or send to: [email protected]

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