iTips OOH Truck Advertising Campaign: LAUNCHED 28 January 2020

1 Truck

Rear Panel

Launched with DrivenMedia on the Boughey Fleet on the 28 January 2020


Who are iTip?

iTip are a UK-based Awarding-Winning Team with a fantastic product on the market: ergonomic, adjustable handles which can be fitted to a variety of tools and equipment, including wheelbarrows and concrete mixers.

“Reducing Injuries: iTip® Handles are the safest and easiest way to tip your loaded wheelbarrow, sack trolley, cement mixer or anything else that requires controlled movement.”


iTips Handles won Invention of the Year at the British Inventions Society BIS Awards in 2017 and have grown from strength to strength ever since. We are proud to be partnering with this forward-thinking organisation – on a mission to save gardeners and labourers everywhere from injury and aches! Welcome to the DrivenMedia family!

Keep an eye out for the new iTip Handles truck on a road near you. If you’d like to find out more about getting your brand launched with our fleet, please give us a call or drop us a message – [email protected].

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The DrivenMedia Team


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Itip Rear Only Advert