5 Reasons you’re not on our Valentine’s list this year...
5 reasons youre not on our valentines list - antivalentines message

We can’t please everyone, and there are some wonderful businesses out there whose boats we just won’t float. In solidarity with all those singletons out there who couldn’t give a gerbils left foot about Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d put our anti-love list together to give you a little light relief!

While truck advertising – and out of home (OOH) advertising in general – is a very strong form of marketing, there are some businesses and marketing campaigns that it just won’t suit. If your business, your product or your campaign falls into any of the categories below, we’re sorry, we probably shouldn’t be getting together.

Don’t take it personally though – it’s not you, it’s us!


1. Niche brands looking for a very narrow target audience

One of the beautiful things about truck advertising is that it walks the fine line between mass marketing and targeted marketing. You are able to create an advert that appeals to a certain demographic, you can focus on a particular region of the country, you can even request coverage on a particular road system (M25 for example).

What you CAN’T do is make sure that a very specific audience sees your niche product. With a mix of commuters, families, travelling reps, couriers, driving professionals and the general public soaking up your message, there’s little point advertising your super-strength glossy nail polish or your new-fangled baby bottle cleaner. 

We’re just not the one for you. 


2. Campaigns needing repeated exposure or the ‘drip’ effect

One of the benefits of truck advertising is the vast reach it has – unlike other out of home advertising medium like billboards and bus stops. You will reach an entirely new and different demographic every minute your campaign is on the road, with over 55000 impressions per day (this is a cost per thousand views (CPM) of less than 75p!).

Unfortunately, if your campaign calls for repeated exposure to the same target audience, with a drip drip effect, this is not for you. Some brands rely on being a familiar sight, particularly in a very local marketing campaign or with a long-term ‘story’ focused campaign. If you’re one of those… 

…It’s just not going to work, sorry.


3. Companies wanting to highlight white at night 

We’ve had some great graphic designs on our curtains, rears and wraps – get your creative juices flowing! One of our favorites is the reflective tape which can be used in designs to give you a glow in the dark effect at night. It looks great and certainly attracts attention. The only problem is, it comes in most colours but it doesn’t work in white. 

If your beautiful branded graphics are white-centric (you sell marshmallows or mattresses, perhaps) or you want to depict an arctic landscape complete with cloud cover, seagulls and igloos… That’s fine. But you can’t have our reflective tape option and you won’t glow in the dark. 

Sorry, we can’t be what you need…


4. Companies targeting a very specific or small geographic

We mentioned earlier that the ability to reach both a national and regional audience is one of the key USPs of truck advertising. How many other types of advert sit next to you in a local traffic jam, grinning at you inanely from it’s 6.72 square foot of (rear) face and then force you to follow them down the road, waving their branded backside in your face? Relentlessly. For miles down the M1. (It really is that effective)

The only downside is they are, of course, massively mobile. So if you are a local venue (an independent ‘corner’ shop perhaps), or you sell a product that is likely to be needed in only one situation or one place (tourist products for a specific seaside town?) then we’re probably not your best choice of investment.

You’ve got to do what’s right for you.


5. You don’t do any other marketing

You’ve been blown away by our stats, you’ve seen the testimonial videos, so you (naturally) call Ed to find out how many miles your budget will take you. 

Hold it, hold it. 

We know you’re in love, but you don’t do any other marketing? No website, no social media activity? No email marketing or lead magnets? No content upgrades or brand exposure? 

Truck advertising is a complimentary form of marketing which, along with our social media promotion, works beautifully to draw your audience’s attention to where they should be going next. Sadly they can’t nip out of their car and buy your product from the truck. What they CAN do is ask their passenger to respond to your Call to Action on their mobile phone though… so you need your proverbial ducks in a row to take full advantage of what truck advertising can do for your brand.

You’re lovely, it’s just…well, you’re a bit young for us… 


I hope we haven’t hurt your feelings too much – we tried to be gentle, but sometimes you just have to say it, right?

If you don’t fit into these categories but you love the idea of being on a truck, then don’t leave us hanging! We’re a softhearted and friendly bunch really and we’d love you to be our Valentine this time next year…


Hoping you have a non-annoying and halfway decent Valentine’s Day, 


The DrivenMedia Team

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