Life (re) Cycle of a Truck Curtain

We are experts at out of home advertising and marketing on the move. We love the kick we get when we see our enormous mobile billboards following a line of cars whose drivers have nothing to do but stare at our graphics!

However, we are also conscious of our social responsibility and do what we can to mitigate our activities. As well as sourcing sustainably fuelled fleets where available, we have also found a way to recycle our truck curtains!

The tarpaulin we print on is perfect for M-24’s up-cycling project – and we adore these bags! They do a range of designs, making use of the graphics and the style of the truck curtain, and they look awesome. Keep an eye on their designs: you might recognise a bag or two!

infographic showing how truck curtains with advertisements on are recycled and upcycled into designer bags

If you fancy getting hold of one of these when your campaign is retired – get in touch and we’ll have a chat about how many miles you want your brand to do before then! With 55000 people seeing your message every day, it’s a fantastic way to spread the word about your excellent product or service.


Have a great week!

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