Did You Know..? Your Truck Can Glow!
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So you’ve seen the success of our current clients and decided to go for it. Welcome to the world of Truck Advertising! You know the figures, you’ve got a sound marketing strategy and a campaign to launch. 

So what next?

Which format suits you best? DrivenMedia offers several options for your truck advertsiing campaign, including Full Wrap, Rear Only and a Reflective option upgrade. We’ve created a quick guide to help you decide which is best for you and your brand – choose the right options and your truck will be glowing through the night!

Full Wrap

A Full Wrap truck advertising campaign is the best way to ensure you take full advantage of your branded Trailer or Lorry. You have visibility on all sides of course, as well as ensuring that your brand looks like it has it’s own fleet of trucks!

The statistics tell us that an average of 55000 pairs of eyes will take in your clever design, while the three surfaces offer you a variety of options for your graphics. One of our clients took full advantage and used the space to promote TWO brands!

image showing truck advertising campaign with a full wrap example showing two different brands on one truck

The surface area of your full wrap is greater than that of a bus! Without windows, and assuming a full wrap comparison for a bus, we know that you will get over 1.5 times the area to use – see more details about sizes for comparison in our blog comparing buses and trucks.

A Full Wrap campaign involves your design being produced in two different formats: vinyl on the rear doors of the trailer or lorry and digitally printed designs on the trailer curtains. The trailer curtains are hard-wearing (and eventually recycled!), regularly cleaned and can be reused in repeat campaigns (if you choose to boost your sales every Summer, or perhaps in the run up to Christmas every year) saving you the cost of setting up your graphics again.

Rear Only

A Rear Only Campaign is a great option if you have a limited budget or want to trial Truck Advertising before you commit to a Full Wrap. Rear Only campaigns take full advantage of stationary and slow moving traffic and can be seen for long distances on a straight road. This is one of the misunderstandings we regularly address with our new campaign launches – if your haulier mileage seems a little low – make sure you pay attention to the time they have been on the road too… Your brand has likely been sitting in traffic, and has been a prime target for bored eyes! Take a look at our experiment to PROVE it!

This ‘dwell time’ is also a fundamental difference between a Rear and a Full Wrap. The huge billboard style sides of a full wrap will likely be seen by PASSING motorists – and often going the other direction! This means your message needs to be clear and short and easy to absorb in passing. The dwell time of a rear, however, is an average of 48 seconds – while you can imagine the length of time it would be exposed while sitting in traffic. 

This means the Rear Only option offers far more opportunity for a strong message or a call to action. You can afford a little more depth to your message and more text to take in. This is perfect if you are running a promotion or you want to encourage your viewers to take action, rather than simple raising awareness of your brand.

And if you thought those annoying door bars and clunky bits would get in the way of your design, you needn’t worry as we have developed a great workaround with our design partners: 

Reflective Graphics

We mentioned in our recent ‘anti-valentines’ post that one of the things we can’t do is give your WHITE design the reflective treatment. That does, however, leave every other colour under the rainbow! And yes (although these online images don’t do the effect justice) they DO glow!

We would always recommend that you steer clear of the standard truck livery colours most regularly seen anyway (red, blue, white etc), so just think what you could do with a ‘glow in the dark’ effect on your design! Not only does it ensure you GLOW in the road lighting at night, it also catches the eye in the day, and helps when it’s overcast. You can guarantee that while your design will already stand out amongst the standard haulier branding surrounding ‘your’ truck, the reflective option will draw eyes like nothing else on the road.

One of recent campaigns has taken full advantage of the effect and was spotted recently, others make the reflective strips an integral part of their design:

truck advert showing reflective strips glowing in the dark on a rear truck advert

So which will you go for?! If in doubt, you could join the ranks of our ‘hybrid’ campaigners who have both Full Wraps and Rear Onlys to complement them… Who says you can’t have it all? Watch this space for a very special announcement from Director Ed regarding an exciting promotion coming up soon: if you thought Truck Advertising was beyond your reach, you might be pleasantly surprised  😉

Take care

The DrivenMedia Team