7 myths around Truck Advertising - DEBUNKED!
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When we talk to potential new clients about truck advertising, there are a number of common objections that often arise; from reassurances regarding risks, to showing evidence of performance. We thought it was time to set a few things straight and ‘debunk’ these ‘myths’ around truck advertising!    

1. Trucks are dirty and won’t be a good reflection of our brand

We have a minimum contractual requirement of fortnightly cleaning to ensure your brand is represented as you would wish. Experience has shown us that the quality hauliers we choose for our advertisers actually clean them more frequently than this – particularly in winter. With social media coverage we provide, hauliers are as protective of their image as our advertisers! We have never received any complaints about dirty trucks.

2. Truck advertising is bad for the environment

A number of the fleets we use have invested in sustainable fuel. We also use trucks that are already on the road and so reduce the need for further environmental impact by using another method that requires more movement of vehicles or production of materials.

We recycle the truck curtains at the end of the campaign (or when you change or update your branding) so there is no wastage from production of digitally printed trailer curtains.

image showing bag made from recycled truck curtains at the end of a truck advertising campaign

3. We won’t know if our trucks are doing the hours and mileage you promise

All our trucks are fitted with GPS trackers which the hauliers are contractually obliged to maintain and update. We report the resulting data in a comprehensive tracking report which is sent to you by email every week. You will always know exactly where your campaign is and we publish regular ‘postcards’ to celebrate specific milestones your campaign has achieved.

On top of this, you also have direct access to the GPS portal so that you can see where your trucks are at any given moment and stay in the loop with the latest data.

4. We have to use the same image on every truck

As the curtains are digitally printed, you can – if you wish – invest in a different image for each truck. We have clients who have a number of to demonstrate different products or seasonal campaigns. We also have clients who have created a ‘hybrid campaign’ where they choose a combination of full wraps and rear images to showcase a variety of services or USPs.

5. We are only getting an image on a truck

We do not just print your graphic and forget you! We have an active social media presence across four platforms and regularly feature our advertising clients and our hauliers, including your handles and hashtags if you have consented to their use.

We regularly update and revamp our social media campaigns and encourage engagement from all our stakeholders to boost everyone’s brand!

image showing screenshot of various truck advertising campaigns that have been featured in our social media

6. The truck might be carrying a load that doesn’t represent our brand

Some advertisers are concerned about potential spillages or that they will be associated with goods that don’t fit their image. We don’t work with any hauliers that carry dangerous or contentious goods – e.g., hazardous materials, tobacco or alcohol products. 

7. What if our truck is involved in an accident or a dangerous driving incident?

We only work with trusted and proven Hauliers who have to provide assurances with regard to vehicle checks and testing. Our hauliers are aware the spotlight is on them and we have never had a haulier involved in an accident. 

We have pledged that should there be any incident related to dangerous driving, that we will donate TWICE the rental that would have been due to the haulier to Brake, the Road Safety Charity!


If you have any more concerns about truck advertising and how it could work with your brand, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

The DrivenMedia Team