We need you!

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Are you a HGV driver who’s out of work? Are you keen to get back on the road?

Read on my friend.

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread around the world, it’s continuing to have a profound impact on the daily lives of people, businesses and governments.

The UK is more reliant on HGV drivers and the haulage industry than ever before; the production and distribution of almost every product on the planet is dependent, at some point, on services provided by road transport operators. According to the FTA, over 90% of everything we eat, drink, wear and build with, travels on a HGV at some point in the supply chain.

But, as the situation with COVID-19 continues to move at pace, we’re becoming increasingly concerned by how the disease is affecting the transport and logistics sector, as well as the unsung heroes who work within it. We’ve already heard many agonising stories of HGV drivers being made redundant or being forced to go on unpaid leave.

So, here at DrivenMedia we have decided to take a stand.

Logistics and professional drivers are the beating heart of the UK economy, they are the heroes that keep our shops full, even whilst the industry faces a driver shortage and skills gap.

If you’re a HGV driver and you’ve found yourself out of work, get in touch and we’ll find you a local haulier who needs you!

Contact us today: [email protected]

Take care.

The DrivenMedia Team