Stay Trucking; top tips to protect yourself and others when you're behind the wheel

Stay Trucking; top tips to protect yourself and other when you're behind the wheel - Blog Header

HGV drivers are some of the most qualified and careful drivers on the UK’s roads but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to human error, which combined with a heavy goods vehicle can mean even the smallest mistake can have devastating consequences.

We know this burden of responsibility weighs heavy on most drivers’ shoulders so we’ve devised a list of simple safety tips to make you feel more at ease:

Ensure your load is safe

A warehouse team would have probably packed your goods, but it’s worth remembering that from the moment you drive off, the load you’re carrying is your responsibility. Before setting out, spend at least 10 minutes manually checking that all items are properly secured; people can make mistakes so be sure to double check.

Plan ahead

Every HGV driver will plan their route before they set off but it’s worth taking the time to consider changing your ‘usual’ route as much as possible. Vigilant criminals will often work out recognisable patterns and use them as an opportunity to target you and your vehicle. As well as protecting you and your HGV from bandits, planning ahead will make for a safer and more relaxing drive.

Stay put

In the unfortunate instance that you realise that there is a theft from your HGV in progress, do not leave your cab. As tempting as it may be to catch the thieves in action, ask yourself ‘is it really worth it’? Lock all doors, turn on your lights, bang your horn and start the engine. Make sure you’ve made yourself as safe as possible and then call the police.

How’s the weather

Whilst planning your journey, make sure you check the weather and keep an eye open for wind, rain, ice and fog so that you can prepare your truck for the anticipated conditions and adjust your schedule if needed.

Only a fool breaks the two second rule

We all know how important it is to maintain space whilst we’re driving, but we’ve all probably got a bit too close from time so time. Identify a marker on the road ahead, as soon as the vehicle in front passes the marker say ‘only a fool breaks the two second rule’, you should have enough time to say the entire sentence before passing the marker yourself. Simple but effective right?

There’s just a few top tips from our team here at Driven Media, do you have any pearls of wisdom to share with other drivers? Let us know. STAY TRUCKING SAFE.


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