How to stay fit while on the road.

Truck drivers along with those who spend a considerable amount of time sat behind the wheel every day, week and year can find it hard to find time to stay fit.

Don’t fear DrivenMedia has got your back with a few simple ideas, swaps and changes to your routine that can work wonders on your waist line.

Consider what’s around you when you park up.

We know it’s not the top of your mind when you stop but, consider your surroundings, is there a park nearby that you could make use of? Some truck stops even have gyms popping up! So, keep an eye out when it’s time to unwind and get out of your vehicle even a few simple exercises can make a huge difference. Remember, if you are feeling self-conscious just remember it’s you who’s lapping them.

Watch those snacks

Truck drivers aren’t known for keeping healthy snacks and those services don’t help! Why not switch the pop, sweets and chocolate for some healthy snacks? Try packing it before you head off. Remember you’re not on a permanent road trip, this is your job, so reaching for the healthier snacks rather than empty calories will do wonders.

Carry some small equipment

It’s not always possible to stop to exercise especially with time restraints and not all of us like running (Who likes running anyway!), bring the gym with you. Small equipment such as dumbbells or a folding bike etc will keep you kit and give you that visual que to get fit.

Little and often

It doesn’t have to be hours, 15 minutes every day will add up. Trust us, you’ll soon start to feel the difference. Carry on reading to find out about some simple stretches that will give you that much needed boost.

In Cab Stretches.

There are a few things you can do while on the move to keep fit and relive tension. The first is an abdominal crunch. Squeeze your abs together and hold for 1-2 minutes and repeat these 2 more times.

Long hours driving can cause tension to build up in your neck. How about shoulder shrugs? Lift your shoulders up to your ears and hold them there for a few seconds, then slowly release. Do these 15 times in a row whenever you feel tension building in and around your neck.

There you have it, 5 simple ways to get fit whilst on the road.