Can Music Influence Your Driving Behaviour?

Whilst watching a recent episode of MythBusters, about how two different types of music affected someone’s drive I found myself wondering, could this applied to our trucks?

The episode showed the duo testing whether listening to aggressive music could be reflected in your driving, interestingly the experiment concluded that listening to aggressive music could actually be reflected in your driving behaviour.

So, with this in mind we thought we’d look a little deeper into the relationship between the music you listen to in the car and your driving behaviour; does music improve how you drive or are you better in silence?

Strangely, despite there isn’t much out there on the subject matter, we managed to find some key snippets of research.

It turns out that whilst listening to music can have an effect on your driving, your mood can have a bigger influence i.e. listing to happy music can have a profound effect on someone who is feeling sad or angry whilst driving. (We all know what they say – don’t drive when you’re angry).

Check out some more interesting findings below!

A 1997 experiment showed that your reaction times to possible hazards in front of you are improved by 50 milliseconds whilst listening to music but become reduced in your peripheral vision by 0.1 seconds. In an 1999 experiment, scientists showed that drivers in situations with lots of distractions often performed better with music. Strange right!?

Here’s one for those who like to crank the music up loud! The louder the volume of your music the longer your reaction times and therefore the further you’ll travel – not so good in an emergency.

Finally, did you know that not listening to music means you’re more likely to perceive speeds 33% higher than they actually are which means you’re far more likely to speed whilst driving.