From an idea to onto the road: How do we do it?

How do we do it? Blog Header Image

Good question, first let’s look at the steps we take before a haulier is added to our books, we run rigorous tests using the DrivenMedia brand. What we call a “DrivenRear” this isn’t to market us but is to test our hauliers for average drivetime, give an idea of coverage and importantly we can monitor how they are driven. Once we’re happy we will start to offer these out to you. Sometimes we have to skip this step and rely on the haulier’s word.

Your ready to go, you’ve signed on the dotted line, what’s next? Normally, while completing your artwork we will be out finding you your perfect haulier, one that not only is on the road a lot but hits the areas you want too. This can take some time so bear with us.

Once the artwork is signed off and has been produced to the trailer template, its back to the haulier for them to sign off, this is the last step before we go off to print. 90% are signed off no problems, occasionally we get a few who’d rather not take it and we will find another haulier in their place – so don’t worry!

Our suppliers go to work printing your advert onto material that will eventually be attached to a trailer, meanwhile we coordinate with the haulier to arrange a installation day to launch your campaign onto the road, we try and invite you but it’s not always possible.

Launch complete and it’s on the road. Yay! Your campaign is being seen by thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of peoples over time, how do we keep the campaign on the road?

One of our first jobs in the morning when we get into the office is looking at our fleet and highlighting any trailers that haven’t moved for a period of time for review by our tracking provider. These are “pinged” to see if there could be a potential hardware fault which could be raised for service or remote fix. The vast majority of issues can be sorted within 24 hours. For those trailers that haven’t moved, it’s back to us to provide a gentle nudge, after all, if the trailer doesn’t move the haulier doesn’t get paid!

Long periods of downtime we will always try and notify you, your weekly tracking report will highlight these to you as we go along, keep an eye on the GPS tracking portal too.

Phew! That’s how we go from idea to a finished campaign.