The UK Haulage Industry

Logistics and road haulage seem to be a hidden industry in the UK, most of us see trucks and trailers nearly every day but we don’t realise the impact they have.

Most if not all of the goods transported in and out of the UK are moved by road.

Let’s sit in the driving seat and find out more about this industry, particularly road haulage, which we are so closely linked.

According to the RHA (The Road Haulage Association), “Road transport is highly competitive and low margin business” It’s demand lead, so opportunity fluctuates based on a number of factors.

Hauliers are licenced and as part of that, they must promote road safety. Hauliers often start with one of 2 lorries and grow over time.

Additional restrictions such as the low emission zones in London which will soon be rolled out into other areas in order to boost sustainability and add a green element. Road transport is by nature going to be a big polluter across the roads and accounted for 28% of the UK’s greenhouse gas production in 2018, and while transport has been getting greener by the year, rises in the demand for road transport has led to more vehicles on the road offsetting these improvements.

Road transport gets cleaner, more innovative and more vital year after year.