Christmas is near!

Christmas is coming

In the lead up to Christmas, how would you like to get your cost per views down by 50%?

Oh and also potentially an increase in your online and other advertising response rate (there’s feedback from our advertisers on this effect*).

Pop your brand/product / e-Commerce site on to a truck for a GUARANTEED ¼ million pair of eyes A DAY with just 5 trucks on the road with your advert on them.

It’s the BUSIEST time of the year for hauliers plus the traffic on the road has increased by 126% post-pandemic and it’s only going to get busier over the coming weeks.

Sound like just the boost to your Christmas campaign?

There’s more than the above too; here’s our Christmas offer:

Brighten up your customers day with a FREE reflective logo if you put your 3-month Christmas advertising campaign on the back of one of our trucks.

* Have a listen to our client testimonials or take a peek at the truck advertising campaigns which supported their entire marketing efforts:

Moose Juice sees more activity on their other channels 

The University of Derby increases prospectus downloads from their truck advertising

Beechwood heard “I saw a truck on the A52 I’d like a Mazda 2” from their campaign 

If you’d like to find out about using truck advertising for your Christmas campaign, please get in touch.

Email:[email protected]

T: 01332 416 449