Putting Monk Isidore on the map

Monkisidore Vodka Truck advert

DrivenMedia are delighted to have launched a new campaign last weekend for a new brand to the UK market. Monk Isidore Vodka is modelled on the original Russian vodka from 1430 and distilled by Oxford Biochemist and Master Distiller Dr John Walters in the UK.

This premium vodka brand found DrivenMedia on Google and felt it was a great way to boost the brand across the country.  Once the client had created their rear on-truck advert our experts ensured everything would work once placed on the back of a lorry. This check ensures that the advert works when driving, when parked and when the doors are opened.

Monk Isidore were looking for a brand awareness campaign that got eyes on their brand; something DrivenMedia can highlight is the case. What’s more we can show the demographic who are exceptionally receptive to adverts targeted at consumers from on-truck advertising. So whilst most people expect social media to create the brand awareness needed there are other innovative ways to advertise your brand.

It’s a pleasure to add a new brand to our fleet; Pollock Scots Trans are the hauliers taking the advert onto the road and putting Monk Isidore on our tracking map. This advert is travelling nationally from the hauliers base in Bathgate, Scotland. So if you see it we’d love a spotted image.

The story behind this product is fascinating ‘History credits the creation of vodka to a 15th Century Russian Orthodox monk called Isidore. Located in the Chudov Monastery in Moscow, he created his concoction based upon his exceptional knowledge of distillation processes.’

I’m sure you’ll agree from the pictures this on-truck advert is simply visually stunning and is bound to attract many buying eyes.