How can your ideal type of customers find you?

It’s important that you ensure you are promoting your products or services to the people who will buy them which means understanding the places where they are looking.

Maybe you are looking at Google Maps as a great way to get business visibility?

There’s lots of advice out there on how to ensure you get featured like this great guide from Donut [Click here]

But for some businesses you can sell anywhere so your ‘Google My Business’ account can be the viewing point after you’ve been spotted elsewhere. So it’s important that you get this right, as you probably already have, but did you spend time to think about how else customers can find you? Not every set of buying eyes are online each day or maybe they are online for another reason than to buy.

Did you know the average UK person scrolls 300ft of social media a day? That’s as high as the Eifel Tower! So how can you make your customer STOP and look at what you’re pushing out. The creativity spotted in our feeds often makes us smile and that’s a great achievement for any brand.

One place that’s busy, but in the right way, are our roads. People are still driving across our road networks and hauliers are still as busy as ever. So for small businesses there’s a great option available to you from DrivenMedia.

With a rear on truck advert, you can be seen by 20,000 buying eyes EVERY DAY and it’s super good value money wise too!

Have a look at what this type of advertising could do to help your brand get seen each day

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