Meaningful statistics make a difference

So it’s World Statistics Day. Are you driven by data?

DrivenMedia love to capture and utilise the data generated by the sophisticated tracking devises we deploy with our hauliers. It gives you a true perspective on how an advert is performing.

That data that comes into us is converted into information and presented in a tracking document. This report enables customers to see on a weekly basis how far their advert has travelled and for how long.

  • Why is this relevant?

The miles driven, the weekly reach estimate, the drive time and actual performance versus target enable you to understand how many people have had a chance to see your advert. It also enables us to extrapolate this data to get an understanding of the dwell time.

That means you can see for each week that your adverts is on the road that it’s getting the attention it should!

Have a look at Ed on the road with a camera to show how this all works

  • More than tracking data

Our team also keep an eye on the Government’s road usage statistics. This means that when someone asks about the traffic, very relevant right now, we have the information to hand to show average daily numbers of cars (and therefore people!) on the road.

Combing all of this data gives a meaningful picture of why on-truck advertising is very a great form of OHH advertising for your brand.