Lockdown V2

We’re not all in the same boat but we are all in the same storm’ is very relevant from this weekend’s lockdown 2 announcement from the government.

There’s lots of unknowns again for businesses and people up and down the country. Companies who have just opened their doors again safely, sectors hard hit the first time worried about the second lockdown, people unfurloughed to be put back onto furlough.

For those looking to deploy their marketing spend still you’re bound to have questions especially when you read people are likely to be online again.

Here’s some answers to a few questions we heard earlier this year that we thought it useful to address in round 2.

Will the roads be quieter than usual?

We don’t know, we can tell you that we monitored the roads closely during the first lockdown and yes they were much quieter initially however it picked up really quickly. Using reliable sources of traffic monitoring and government road usage statistics our team has our finger on the pulse at all times so we can highlight the reach and impression of each and every on-truck advert.

If I deploy an on-truck advert now how will it perform?

This is without doubt one of the busiest times of the year for haulage companies. Our trusted partners haven’t highlighted a drop in schedule for them this year; some hauliers are busier than ever delivering up and down the country.

What DrivenMedia promises is 55,000 eyes on your advert a day with a full wrap and 20,000 a day with a rear only advert. There’s also a number of hours and miles in our contract for your advert. Our integrity is that we deliver in full. If that means an extra week, month or more to ensure your advert gets the impressions we highlight then that happens at no cost to you whatsoever..

So whilst we can’t tell you what the traffic will look like in November or how many hours your truck will be on the road each week. Our promise is that we’ll launch you with all the usual fanfare, we’ll monitor your advert and you’ll get all the data from us in a tracking report.

Have you got a question? Whether it’s about on-truck advertising or getting ROI on your marketing spend we’re here to answer. Drop us a line to [email protected] or call us on 01332 416 449.