Three for three

How’s this for a statistic? Using our three for three package you could get your brand or product or service or website or advert in front of 1.2 million buyers a month!

That’s right with three rear adverts (that’s the back doors of a lorry) on the road for three months you’ll have a serious amount of eyes on your on-truck advert.

But wait there’s more. The rate card price has been reduced by 12.5% for selected businesses and brands. That means you are getting more eyes for less money over the three months you decide to run your advert.

You can be speedy and get it on the road for December 2020 or you can release the brakes for the new year and launch in January or even February 2021. Your choice, you just need to sign up before the end of 2020 and pay the first instalment invoice (we’ll agree what that is on the phone).

Three rear only adverts for three months for £1,500+vat per advert (on-truck advert) for 3.6million views and the artwork creation is included too.

What are you waiting for? Give us the green light and let’s get you on the road!

You can read more about our rear advertising here.