Chandlers Roofing Supplies Testimonial

Looking for more visibility for less money?

That’s exactly what Sue the Head of Marketing for Chandlers Roofing Supplies said that they are seeing from their on-truck advertising campaign with DrivenMedia.

“DrivenMedia offers us a fantastic opportunity to get in front of our customers covering a much wider area than other media, for far less money – what’s not to like! Our customers are always out and about so the opportunity to spot our advert is much higher that choosing a static location. I love the opportunity for social interaction with people telling us they have seen our lorry. We started with a lorry back and have now expanded to 2 lorries with full livery. Our aim is to grow brand awareness so Driven Media gives us a high level of visibility in the right geographical location.”

Chandlers tested our on-truck advertising concept with a rear lorry advert, they quickly noticed the benefits of having their brand on the road. The rear option is a good way to trial out our advertising offering to see if it gets the results you are looking for. Like Sue says when your buyers are on the road it makes sense to put an eye-catching advert on a lorry for them to see as they are driving.

Now Chandlers has two lorries on the road, both with full wraps which means they get 110,000 eyes on their advert EVERY DAY and each set of eyes has a CPM* of just £0.75 so as Sue says this advertising option is great value for money.

Chandlers are spot on …. Nailing a bargain!

*Cost Per Thousand (CPM) advertisement views

See the Chandlers campaign below;

Chandlers Rear

Chandlers Upgrade