NZO Launch onto the roads

 A vapetastic new launch

When you land on the NZO website what hits you is this ‘Our mission is to help a billion adults stop smoking cigarettes’ and as they push towards this goal we’re delighted they’ve put a huge on-truck advertising campaign on the road with DrivenMedia.

This campaign launch coincides with their distribution agreement with Sainsburys where you can get the starter kits and pods from. To increase brand awareness and where to buy their advert will be driving around the British roadways over the next 6 months. We like their catch line for this campaign ‘say hello to choice’!

With the number of rear only advertisements that NZO are releasing they will get a whooping 374,000 eyes on their brand EVERY DAY which should go some way to helping with their mission here in the UK

All media booked through their Media Agency, Edison Media