November Reach

What was our November’s weekly reach?

DrivenMedia are committed to being open and transparent about our performance, with our clients and in a public forum. So this blog highlight’s the reach that was achieved for our advertisers on the road in November 2020.

When you’re thinking about your advertising spend do you take a close look at the reach?

As an advertising agency DrivenMedia keep a close eye on the reach of our on-truck adverts. Looking at the total number of people that will be exposed to your advert, at least once, on a weekly basis to give us a set of statistics to share with our clients. It’s an important metric to know. People seeing your advert helps with brand awareness, drives traffic onto your website, gives you exposure for your products or services.

These reach numbers show how many people on the UK roads get a chance to see your on-truck adverts, so the numbers can differ on a weekly basis based on road usage numbers and the fleet we have out on the road.

You can see for November that DrivenMedia’s reach figures were good; we’ve compared them to October so you can see that lockdown 2.0 had some effect but not a drastic one at all.

It just goes to show that truck advertising really does give you reach figures that will give you ROI on your spend.

Talk to us if you’d like to get this level of reach for your advertising spend on 01332 416 449