How much would you pay for 10million views on your advert a year?

Views on your advert

Whatever advert that is, wherever you have placed it. For 10million relevant views a year would be a great achievement for many brands, businesses or product marketers.

  •  Can we let you into a secret?

If you put a DrivenMedia full wrap advert onto a truck in our fleet that travels across the UK road network there’s a proven 55,000 views a day with the lorry on the road 5 days a week.

  • That’s gonna cost

Whilst you might be thinking it sounds like on-truck advertising might an expensive way to get all those views that give you brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, let buying people know about your product or service?

Well here’s the thing it’s just £0.75, 75p, seventy five pence as your CPM* figure. So for every million views of your advert, that’s going to cost you £750. That means on-truck advertising is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available in today’s marketplace.

  • Then we share (lots)

We give you this data, that’s right each month we’ll let you know how far your advert has travelled (miles), how long it’s been on the road (hours) and the impressions your advert had from our sophisticated tracking devices which are on each and every truck with an advert. We like to call it your weekly tracking report.

  • And here’s more

But WHAT….  placing a fully wrapped (that’s curtains on both sides and a rear advert) you’re looking to get 14,000,0000 yes (14 million) views a year.

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*CPM means cost per thousand impressions, it’s an advertising term us ad people like to us!