Carsnip hit the roads

Carsnip On Truck Advertising

Delighted to launch a rear only advert for Carsnip this week.

A great brand, with a strong message directed straight to their target audience sitting right behind their advert is what will give Carsnip the eyes they need. That’s 20,000 eyes a day by the way!

With 700,000 cars listed on their website it’s the place to be if you’re a car buying consumer.

This client and their advert really highlights one of our key messages ‘use our traffic to drive your traffic’; we’re talking about website traffic. When you are an online business, like Carsnip, even with great digital ads going on it’s a busy old place in the virtual space. And it’s a busy place on the roads but that’s good, because lorries with eye catching adverts on stand out. So those eyes that are on the Carsnip advert we know that truck advertising is high impact, with a 97% recall rate which is incomparable from social media advertising. And with that snazzy reflective edging their advert will stand out even during these darker winter months.

Oh and we love this message from the Carsnip team ‘We care about two things: making our team stronger to make our customers lives better.’

Enjoy being on the road Carsnip!