The power of trucks

James' Truck Sized CV

If a truck sized CV can land a job hunter a new role within 48 hours what can on-truck advertising do for your brand is our question?

2020 was a testing time for many people especially those who lost their job during a very unexpected year. Together with Zoek, who provide an app portal to find your perfect job, we offered a free truck sized CV to someone who needed it. Zoek understand the power of truck advertising as they have a fleet of their own so we all felt it would be a good thing to do.

And we were right. James created a great CV, we got designing and tadaa … a brilliant truck sized CV hit the road. Within 48 hours a message landed from James the job hunter which meant it was a nickname we could give him no longer. He’d secured a role with a local large employer who’d been impressed with all of his efforts to secure a job.

This was a regional truck, James needed a job in a certain area. So with a recruiting manager sitting behind his giant CV it caught the attention of the right people.

That’s exactly the conversation we have with every potential advertiser … who is your target audience, what are you trying to achieve and where.

The power is in the total understanding of how to get the most from your investment in on-truck advertising and that’s all part of the service from DrivenMedia.

You can read more about James’s journey with us and Zoek here