Trailblazing Advertising

Who do you think has been a trailblazer of an advertiser?

Perhaps you’ve got a favourite TV advert or there’s a billboard advert that makes you smile. Maybe you think there’s been a groundbreaking campaign run in a magazine or national newspaper?

The advertiser who dipped their toe into our on-truck advertising media was the University of Derby. They are our trailblazers!

We asked the team for a few of their favourites from the past or today, whatever advertising media be it TV or an out of home campaign. Here’s their favourites.

It’s got to be Apple’s introduction of the 1984 Macintosh computer TV advert, the tag line was superb ‘you’ll see why 1984 won’t be like 1984’.

‘Hello boys’ has to be the best billboard advert in the UK, with men veering off the roads and feminists demanding these large posters be taken down can you believe this was nearly 30 years ago?  (Note this came from the female member of the team!)

The old painted adverts for various consumer products were regal, take Pears Soap, not only did the tagline make great promises to appeal to the ladies but the image was like something seen on walls of well-heeled families across the land.

Netflix’s bus shelter advert gave passers-by in West Hollywood a fright with its OOH campaign for a new sci-fi series, Altered Carbon. This advert was installed at a bus stop, and featured a so-called ‘sleeve’, Watch it here if you are brave enough

AA’s multi-format advert that ran in the summer was perfect for the current time with families enjoying staycations and the UK opening up from the 2020 lockdown. It worked in print and on TV which is perfect for an advert and it made us laugh which is a winner!