Boardrm hit the road

A launch that will be seen by 220,000 eyes a day… how?

Well Boardrm have launched 11 rear truck adverts this week, and with 20,000 eyes on each advert every day it is travelling on the roads across the country the reach is impressive!


Did you see our clues on the reveal posts? It gave you information on the business; here it is all in one place.

‘Boardrm is the UK’s fastest growing job board, with 170,570 job vacancies from all sectors across the country available to search!’

The site was started by professionals who understand how technology and online resources can benefit employers and job seekers alike. As the UK’s fastest growing recruitment and career advancement website it’s the place for anything recruitment related. This will be the right site for you whether you are an employer, recruiter, freelancer, or jobseeker and the team promise to help make the job finding and advertising process easier.


Advertising using on-truck media that’s travelling across the country will support more people popping onto their job site; a really great example of using our traffic to drive traffic to your website.

Building brand awareness with these eye catching rears will definitely be on the cards; these adverts are bound to attract people’s attention both the employer and jobseeker.

Welcome to DrivenMedia’s fleet Boardrm!