Keeping a close Eye on Traffic

It’s important that we monitor the road usage carefully so that our advertisers get a clear picture of what kind of reach they can expect for the month.

In usual traffic times (that’s 100 on the chart) we’ve proven that an on-truck advert will be seen by 55,000 eyes if you have a full wrap or 20,000 if you have a read only advert.

With lower road usage an advert might not have gotten the reach we’d like to deliver. Here’s the thing though. If DrivenMedia doesn’t deliver what we actually promise in our contract then you carry on trucking until we’ve delivered everything (hours and miles we keep a very close eye on).

So we can see that October was busier than usual; lots of us got into our vehicles and hit the roads. Perhaps this was due to the tier restrictions lifting in various areas or due to the school half term week where many families enjoyed another staycation.

Whereas lockdown 2.0 saw traffic levels fall, not quite as much as in lockdown 1 but there was 18% less traffic on the roads which ran across into December too. Perhaps this was as more businesses embraced flexible working options for their staff?

So far the first half of January has seen a significant drop too; which is likely to change. As our haulier JR Dixon showed recently on his travels on the M25. The motorway was gridlocked with a wide range of vehicle types.

M25 Traffic

M25 14/1/21 Approx 4pm

Will your on-truck advertising reach be less? Is the impact reduced if you launch right now? To some degree but whilst traffic is still on the road this media remains one of the cost effective ways to advertise your brand or product compared to all the other advertising options.