Roder Hit's the road

Roder Rear Only Advert

Delighted to welcome RODER UK to the DrivenMedia fleet.

It could be said that RODER provide a range of tents to a variety of sectors. These are a little more than marquees; they are temporary buildings designed specifically for use in events, warehousing, sports, agriculture, construction, logistics, sales rooms … the list goes on!

You can see the impressive range of temporary buildings and structures available on their UK website

Their clean rear advert highlights the product, the offering, the brand and the contact method perfectly.

Testing the effectiveness of on-truck advertising is something our team supports; we often see our advertisers go from a rear to an entire fleet of full wrap trailers. We’ll watch this rear as closely as we do our bigger campaigns to ensure it’s effective and delivers miles, hours and reach for RODER.

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