Reach? We've got it covered.

20 Million Weekly Reach

Don’t you just love data; the numbers that show you are doing something right?

That’s exactly what happened to DrivenMedia in February.

Our reach hit 20 million a week.

That’s right our impressions / frequency which equals the reach EQUALS 20 million for DrivenMedia advertisers.

Yes correct 20 million unique ‘users’ who are exposed to our client’s on-truck advert.

The quality of exposure that this form of out of home (OOH) advertising delivers is outstanding.

So outstanding that even in the lock down setting where the roads are quieter our adverts can still gain 20 million pairs of eyes (did we mention there’s a fabulous dwell time on truck adverts too?) on an advert.

The roads give you an audience who won’t scroll past and a specific audience perfect for consumer brands, haulage services, professional services like money and recruitment, new product releases, building products and the auto industry (think car leasing).

If you think this type of brand awareness advertising will change the data for your business give us a call on 01332 416 449.