How does advertising help with brand awareness?

When you are planning out your advertising you’ll be able to select the best media depending on what you want your campaign to achieve.

If you are focussing on brand awareness as a critical element in your marketing strategy then here’s why you need to know more about out of home (OOH) advertising.

It’s not a surprise to hear that advertising helps to make consumers aware of your product or service. Nor that a primary aim will be to build preference for that product/ service over competitors.

Because you want a consumer to buy your product not the alternatives on the shelf (physically or literally!).

However, building brand awareness and preference through advertising is a cumulative process. A single campaign only raises awareness for a short period, unless you are a mega big brand like McDonalds where a short snappy campaign like their recent and very successful home delivery OOH campaign.

How you use your budget for out of home advertising needs to be judged by metrics like CPM. Because brand awareness comes from lots of visibility. And if you can get the best value for your spend all the better.

So the options available like billboards, or roadside banners, or bus stops or advertising on vehicles like buses or taxis are all designed to get eyes on your brand. Even signage on buildings is great for this; think of those large depots with huge signs facing the main roads they are usually on.

Everyone knows that by advertising you will be informing your target audience that you exist. When it comes to display advertisements, you’ll no doubt be aiming to reach new customers

The more visibility you create means the better the recall rate for your brand!

It’s really that simple. So selecting the right OOH media for your advertising campaign is critical.

Here at DrivenMedia we are passionate about brand awareness and know how to get your brand on the roads.

What’s more it’s a place where millions of eyes are seeing your advertisement every day.

On-truck advertising is a perfect choice for your OOH campaign as it’s proven that you can reach more people. Simply because drivers and passengers can’t scroll past and have nowhere to look but at your big eye-catching advertisement on our trucks!