The Ferry First!

Wight Fibre First look

Is it possible?


When the call comes in from George and he asks if a company on the Isle of Wight can JUST have a truck that services that very specific area the answer had to be yes of course.

Delighted to have launched WrightFibre, an Isle of Wight broadband supplier, added to the DrivenMedia fleet. Their on-truck advert will be travelling from Southampton to the Isle of Wight 5 to 6 days a week. We’re looking forward to seeing the tracking stats which will include a ferry trip, that’s a DrivenMedia first!

Launching a full wrap to advertise their services to the island residents using the latest in full-fibre broadband technology will definitely catch the eyes of the buying public their service is relevant to.

Gaining brand awareness for WrightFibre in their area of operation is going to be a winner. Ed felt it in the sea air during the installation today (Thursday)

Keep your eyes peeled for our social reveal next week to see the actual installation

WightFibre – A Different Kind of Broadband : WightFibre