OOH roadmap unlocked

In this blog we review what’s on the cards for OOH with the roadmap out of lockdown now unfolding.

One of the biggest trends that is talked about for 2021 and onwards is data for out of home advertising. After a year of low OOH activity as advertisers gear up to start spending as the world starts a journey of vaccination and safe opening knowing what to spend and where will be based on the data.

What data? 

Advertisers are going to be very cautious with their spend for the remainder of the year. OOH will need to be selected based on the ROI it provides; here’s some of the data sets that will help drive decision making:

  • Omnichannel; by using a static place to advertise will it impact positively on your digital channels will be a key questions advertising agencies are asked.
  • Geographically; what is working WHERE for a brand is a key understanding. Understanding the data for how busy places are like tube stations, town centres, out of town shopping and roads helps an advertiser reach a decision on the place to place their spend.
  • Dwell times; with an average of 8.5 seconds known to be the world’s advertisement dwell time standard in a multi-screen environment how can you get more attention with OOH.

Increase in consumer confidence

2020 was a year of negative household spending in the main, with the Consumer Price Index rising for the first time in February 2021 (according to the ONS – Consumer price inflation, UK – Office for National Statistics).

What this means in practice is that people are getting out and about ready to spend their income. And with the roadmap for unlocking the UK firmly in place, this has been seen across the hospitality sector over the last two weeks. Good weather and open beer gardens have been great sights from an economic perspective.

With more people spending and being out and about OOH advertising will become a must do marketing activity for brands looking to attract the attention of consumers.

Popular platforms 

There’s a range of OOH options from bus shelter posters to static billboards as OOH advertisers know. It will be interesting to see what the popularity of these traditional advertising methods is as the year unfolds.

The things that can be done to attract attention with digital billboards, creativity that’s possible with wall murals like the VW campaign where paint was the medium of choice on small but in sight buildings across the country and being in places where it’s hard to reach an audience usually will all rise in popularity is the industry feeling.

And DrivenMedia?

  • Data is a core part of what is on offer when you decide to launch a brand awareness campaign using our on-truck advertising offer.
  • It’s a proven method of advertising when consumer confidence is on the rise because that audience is on the road (traffic has been over ‘normal’ the past 2 weeks).
  • Dwell time is much bigger when it comes to our fleet; advertisers usually get eyes on their brand for 48 seconds on a rear panel.
  • There’s no scrolling by when it comes to trucks; in a hard to reach place DrivenMedia has nailed getting brands in front of a captive audience because let’s face it driving and being stuck in a traffic jam is more enjoyable when you can look at something great!
  • Our enquiry levels are on the up and up, we’re having great conversations with businesses looking to advertise in 2021 and that’s a great blessing after 2020.