The proof is in the pudding

I was driving along the A50 and there’s a bridge across the road. There was a lorry was on that bridge and I saw a large text tagline which said ‘50 years in the baking’.

I was intrigued. Now I know I’ve got a slight obsession with trucks and what’s on them since I’ve started working with DrivenMedia. But it really got me thinking, what brand was this? Was it Hovis because it was an old image and brown lorry? No, it couldn’t be as they’ve been going a lot longer than 50 years because they have that boy on the bike delivering bread on cobbled streets long before delivery vans hit the road. I am in tune with their advertising and brand.

So whose is this truck? I couldn’t take a picture because I was driving.

Once I’d parked up at home I hit Google searching ‘brand tagline 50 years in the baking’.

Well not much popped up to be honest, I had to trawl. There was Peters; a pie bakery in Wales celebrating 50 years of baking but their brand was yellow and green. Then there was Quick Food Products, a Jamaican patty bakery in Manchester in the United Kingdom, one of the first such bakeries to open in England. The bakery recently celebrated more than 50 years in business. But they were green, yellow and black and this wasn’t their tag line.

I’d remembered that tagline verbatim just from a quick glimpse of a lorry driving over the bridge and me seeing the side of it. And yes there’s also the element that branding intrigues me, I am after all a marketer through and through!

But I’m stumped. I can’t find who owns this truck; I’ve been to page 6 of images on Google. Trust me I have searched high and low.

Why am I telling you this story?

I didn’t see the brand, but I saw their old fashioned image and the big bold text that said ’50 years in the baking’ and I memorised it. If I saw a picture right now I was shout with glee ‘yes that’s the truck!’.

Having your brand on a truck works; we’re on the roads concentrating but let’s face it sometimes something catches our eye briefly as a driver. So if you’ve got a great brand to put on the road there’s millions of drivers, just like me, who see something retain it and go away and learn more.

In this case I have failed. So if you see the truck please let us know WHO IS IT.

Author: Seleena Creedon – Marketing Director