A Logo or an Advert?

You’ve probably seen many trucks out on the road with just their logo on. In this blog we look at what’s better. Logo or a bigger message.

  • So just pop my brand icon on and voila?

If you’re B&Q or Tesco or M&S or Wilko then yes go for it. The reason this works for them is due to the huge brand recognition they have built. Oh and that they want us driving public to be reminded of their store as their busy fleet drives up and down the country. Just a quick reminder to pop in or use them.

It’s a bit different for hauliers because they don’t really need consumers to know their brand. BUT the people who buy haulage are on the roads probably on the way to work. And let’s face it a nicely liveried lorry looks lovely.

Then there’s the ones where you might recognise the brand but really it’s not somewhere you’d buy directly from. Like Polypipe. They have branded trucks driving around (they are tall too for those huge pipes) but that’s more to do with their brand com


mitment and wanting to turn up to their suppliers with a great looking fleet of lorries.

  • What’s the difference putting more than your logo onto the lorry?

Take Pets at Home, Boots, Saint Gobain, Poundland, Asda….. there’s loads more. They pop on more than just their brand / logo. They often have a message and an image. With Boots there’s some great messages like resurfacing in operation (for a face mask) and baby on board (for baby products). Whereas Asda have ones like Glorious Greens and Pets at Home introduce their employee’s pets. These lorries are all designed to engage the audience. Make you chuckle or smile. So you think of their brand first and foremost.

That sounds the same as having a logo. Well it is but it’s the emotional connection with the brand that is in operation here. That’s more than just remembering the brand or logo.

  • What about having a moving billboard?

That’s essentially what an advert placed onto a truck is. So you can get creative with your products, you can shout about your service. It’s a good idea to put a call to action in and have a landing page (or something similar) where you can track the engagement from your truck advert.

It’s a great way to get people engaged with whatever it is you are selling. It’s purely about brand recall. So the more eye catching and engaging your truck advert is the better recall you’ll get.

Let’s take some out of home advertising that’s gotten the nation engaged; the McDonalds we deliver to your home campaign, that amazing Dracula film release billboard, the Specsavers campaign using a mix of digital and bus stop posters and erm the bus with the message a few years back!

The same applies to trucks; we’ve got some great client campaigns running that are simply brilliant brand adverts. One client told us they are constantly getting engagement (what we like to call spots!) with their fleet, the CEO get’s emails of the truck on the road, it comes into their social media feeds and people talk about the trucks with the team.

Ct1 on the road

Does that help explain the difference between how you can advertise with DrivenMedia and all those logo’ed up trucks on the road? If not give us a call (01332 416 449) we’ll happily talk more about the differences. If so give us a call we’ll happily help you get on the road with your next advertising campaign!