On the ball advertising

The Athletic on the Motorway

Introducing The Athletic on-truck campaign to celebrate the 2020 EURO tournament.

The Athletic  gives ‘The Full Story with writers you can trust on every football story that matters.’ As an online magazine with an affordable subscription (it’s £1 a month at the moment!) sports fans can find the in-depth football stories for every club in the nation.

Which brings us back to this campaign for EURO2020…

They’ve created a series of messages for football fans to engage with and yes they want to see LOADS of spotted images.

The adverts also contain some top tips for the footballers playing; as you know we like a bit of data so one of our favourites is:


‘68% of teams who score first win the match’

For the England squad specifically that one is aimed at!

  • Fast response

Once the client had decided, via their advertising agency, to go ahead with this campaign the turnaround time was really short. Working with our amazing partners for print, installation and of course the actual hauliers whose fleet we rely on meant things got moving in one of the shortest windows ever for DrivenMedia.

  • Where are they?

You’ll be pleased to hear that there are 4 national trucks who will be travelling across the country, 4 travelling in the capital (London) only, 1 in Scotland driving from Bathgate to Aberdeen regularly from the base in Glasgow and 1 in South Wales. So there are lots of opportunities to see their campaign and get some photos if it is safe to do so!

  • Sunday kick off

Yes, the team were lying in wait with their camera at St George’s Park ready for the England coach to depart (DID WE GET IT?… we think so!) because that’s what the client wanted so we made sure it happened. Except we couldn’t seem to get through to Gareth Southgates mobile number (has he blocked us?).

Huge thanks to This Is Energy and Harbour for ensuring this campaign hit the road in record time.

Want to see more, let us know!

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