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Adverting options

If you’re looking at an out of home (OOH) advertising campaign spend how can you make the best decision on where to place your ads? Using data of course!

The most recent data* shows where’s busy and where’s quiet when it comes to mobility. Take this and combine it with the CPM figures that are publicly available for advertisers and perhaps you will want to give us a call (it’s 01332 416 449).

Busy v quiet

Currently, road traffic is hitting a huge high; perhaps those of us travelling feel it’s the safest way in the pandemic, whatever the reason the traffic is currently at 146% of normal traffic according to Apple Maps.

The underground is very quiet with just 49% of usuage compared to ‘normal’. Similarly for the rail network the average mobility indicated by the Department of Transport is 50%.

Railway Station

City centres are only at 52% of mobility compared to usual whereas the out of town shopping centres or retail parks are at 98% mobility rate.

  • The OOH options

From bus stops to bus adverts, city centre digital advert boards to billboards at retail parks. There are such a range of out of home advertising options available today. Using the mobility data can help you understand whether your campaign will do better in the city centre or out of town. Of course this is all with audience in mind. Perhaps it’s OK that the city centre is quiet if your audience is there for work purposes for example?

If you want to see all the options check out Outsmart.

  • Compare the costs

If you take where is busy and combine it with where is going to get you value for money then the option is clear but we would say that! You can also use roadside billboards (they aren’t up to 100% visibility yet according to Roy’s data) or bus advertising if you want to be in front of drivers and their passengers on the UK roads.

Our CPM is less then 75 pence making trucks the most cost effective advertising in the UK. That means you will get more eyes on your advert for less money than other advertising options.

And with all those eyes on the roads waiting to have a few-second break or stuck in traffic jams this is an ideal time to put your brand onto a truck.

 *Roy Shepherd compiles a detailed UK Out of Home Mobility Tracker, the data used in this article has been extracted from his last 7 days analysis of what’s happening where and when.