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The Athletic On the M1

What’s possible with a short campaign?

The Athletic wanted to create a full on out of home advertising campaign for the EURO 2020 football tournament.

And they succeeded!

‘Through a series of activations, including social, digital media and racing pigeons, match-specific tactical tips and information is being deployed where teams can’t miss it.’ Said The Drum.

We came in with the truck adverts. Those carrying messages that The Athletic had designed to motivate the national teams playing.

What they achieved with their DrivenMedia on-truck adverts is amazing.

Here’s the stats:

  • 10 trucks travelling regionally (Scotland, Wales, London) and nationally
  • 1,384 hours on the road in 6 weeks
  • 28,933 miles driven by those 10 trucks
  • Estimated total reach of the campaign since launch is 16.9million!

Yes that’s right with traffic above normal (we don’t factor this in) on the UK roads and the number of adverts on our lorries The Athletic’s adverts were seen by over 16.9million.

Perhaps England should book us for the World Cup?