Game to be on the road

Trominii Trucks

Really delighted to see Trominii out on the road with a campaign to drive their sales in the right direction.

With a full wrap truck on the road it helps those consumers who are travelling everyday to see what looks like a lorry full of the 3D domino game Trominii. Some 55,000 people will see this advert each time the trailer is out and about nationally to make deliveries.

Trominii is branded ‘Dominoes on steroids’ with this new spin on the classic family game. Steven Daniels has had his design patent granted in some 77 countries. This advert is to drive awareness of this newly launched game and get people to buy their own set here in the UK.

Their advert is really eyecatching in their brand colour with the actual product on display and a great display on the rear advert of WHERE to buy your set of Trominii from.

We look forward to seeing this game WIN BIG during their 12 month advertising campaign