100 Days to Christmas

16th September means it’s just 100 days until Christmas!

So you’ll be wondering how to get the most traffic to your e-commerce site or ramp up your product sales or maybe you’re launching something just for Christmas to sell.

Well grab a spiced pumpkin latte and have a read of what using truck advertising could do you help with your Christmas sales.

  • Short campaigns

Do they work? Absolutely they do. Proved by the recent Athletic Campaign for the EURO competition (yes we’re still taking a teeny bit of credit for England going so far in this football tournament!).

The minimum we need you to sign up for is 3 months, we can work with less if you have a project in mind.

  • Regional campaigns

Perhaps you have a shop that you’d like to get lots of people through the door or maybe you only deliver in a region. That’s no issue. We can do regional campaigns for you.

  • 3 month rear only subscription model

Commit to three months (that’s now just after Christmas) rear only advertising campaign and you’ll be putting your product or e-com site in front of at least 20,000 consumers every day. Guaranteed. And as the roads are busier than ever at the moment it could be more people looking at your advert in a space that’s hard to reach without DrivenMedia putting you on the road.

  • Using traffic to drive traffic

After 5 years we know a thing or two about what happens for advertisers; especially if you pop your website onto your advert. You’ll see a rise in visitor numbers when your truck is on the road. Make sure you make it easy to find you though.

So come on, it’s time to ho ho and get your brand, e-commerce site or products ON THE ROAD to ensure a bumper Christmas period (yes we’ve read all the news but we also know how awesome the haulage industry is!).