A Job Wrap

Huboo Launch Post

It’s a new advertiser launch announcement…

This week Huboo are on the road with 4 fully wrapped trucks. Their trucks are doing a very specific job. They are advertising jobs!

Huboo are an award winning fulfilment centre for e-commerce sellers. With a network of UK and European fulfilment centres, free goods in service, storage facilities for stock, a pick, pack and post orders service, global courier service and returns offering they are a very BUSY operation.

These trucks are covering the South West region of England as they wanted to recruit people for their warehouses in Severn Beach and Emersons Green. They know people who work in this area tend to commute by car because their own staff use cars to get to the Huboo warehouse. Trucks travelling on the road in the same area to reach them seemed like a perfect idea.

Luckily DrivenMedia had a haulier exactly where Huboo needed them travelling around and whilst the coverage was a little wider than their locality for warehouses people are travelling a little more now for the right employers. (Handly over the road from a well-known e-commerce brand)

We’re hoping to be driving LOTS of applicants for the vacancies Huboo have.

See more photos below

Huboo Truck in Action