Rears released!

DrivenMedia Hit's the road
  • Driving standards

Delighted to get our own rear campaign on the road this month; there’s five already out and about nationally and another 3 in the sign off stage.

  • Why do we advertise?

Well it’s that simple concept of we know that many of our advertisers SAW our truck on the road. Putting our money where our mouth is makes sense.

It’s also used to test new hauliers to our fleet to make sure they meet our high standards even before they can carry any advertisers.

  • Advertising also gives us the ability to test and learn.

What does the design process look like; how do we scope to our design partners to get the best out of what we want to put on the road. By continually evolving this process we know that if you don’t have a designer in your team or a partner who looks after your brand our designers are top quality. It also means our designers can support yours if you do have them inhouse with suggestions, hints and tips on what will (or won’t) work and the things on lorries you need to be mindful of when placing your advert on them (like the back bars on the rear doors).

  • Connecting with partners

Our haulier partners are exceptional; the best in the business. There’s things we want to learn and push with them still to improve what we offer (we’ve got something on cameras up our sleeve) but we don’t want to test with advertisers. So it makes sense to get our own trucks on the road so we can do that R&D work. It can also show a haulier the areas for improvement or how we operate so they can understand the processes much better.

  • Boosting our brand

We mean this on multiple levels. Getting the DrivenMedia brand in front of our target audience each day is a critical part of our marketing plan; we want our brand to be associated with the best truck advertising delivery and service in the country.

It also gives us chance to evolve our brand; we’ve had playful rear adverts on the road, we’ve had different messages on our adverts in one campaign, we’ve tried a person on the advert… it helps us to understand WHAT delivers the best brand message to our target audience.

  • Tracked

We’ll be watching our new adverts closely; we know where they are so if we get an enquiry from one we can see which message, advert, haulier, hours on the road, miles done and more about that advert. So if it works we duplicate it again. Because advertising HAS to provide ROI.

  • Get spotting

We get a lot of spots in our inbox and that makes us happy. We know the trucks work and whilst we’d love more advertising client spotted images that’s OK because we also know a full wrap truck gives the appearance of being owned by the advertiser. So it’s a win win either way!

If you see our new rear on the road and it’s safe to use your camera phone send them into [email protected]  or to any of our social media channels.