DrivenMedia Reach

Last week (week beginning 11th October 2021) our fleet of advertisers saw a combined reach of 15.3 million IN ONE WEEK.

A phenomenal statistic that the team are exceptionally proud to have hit.

But what does that mean for you as an advertiser?

First off let’s explain advertising reach.

You might see reach highlighted as a percentage (example % of households reached). We never make that reference because we know households are rarely in the car together on motorways (unless it’s summer holiday time!).

As reach is the number of times the target audience is exposed to the advert we use that number; we set the period for the week because data tracking is an area DrivenMedia excels in.

What that 15.3 million means is for ALL of the adverts that are out on the road that week over 15 million people have seen the fleet of on-truck adverts.

An important thing to know because reach is an incredibly important statistic whether you are a new to market brand or have a big brand that’s known.

Gaining the quality of exposure is possible with an on-truck advert.

The demographics of road users means that truck advertising will work for a wide variety of products; whether you’ve got a physical product for consumers like The Cheeky Panda or Moose Juice or one you’re selling to a specific segment like CT-1 and Screwshop. Or services; again whatever segment you are targeting; like BoardRM,, Compare HGV or Good Catch Dating.

Whatever demographic you need to advertise to it’s still important to understand that they will be ‘reached’ or in other words see your advert.

DrivenMedia know that happens (we have it happen ourselves with our own adverts!). We also have a full understanding of what the road demographics are (we share that in our media deck which we’re more than happy to send out just drop us a request for it – It should pop up to the left!)

Frequency and exposure are other metrics for advertising; they are not currently ones we have an accurate ability to measure. But we’re always looking to find ways to improve and measure the right stuff so watch this space on that.

Hopefully this quick outline of how we report REACH helps you to understand that your OOH advert with DrivenMedia will reach your target audience effectively!

If you have any questions though please drop them in to [email protected] and we’ll get them answered!