Calling All Car Drivers

4N Motors rear

Delighted to launch 4N Motor’s rear only advert covering London this week. Their truck is regional because 4N Motors are a car dealership based in the capital city and wanted to test response before rolling our nationawide.

And what an opportunity to get your brand out there when EVERY car driver in the area is a potential customer!

No worrying how to attract attention in the long scroll of social media and no wondering if radio or TV will get the right attention. Car drivers RIGHT BEHIND THEIR ADVERT!

  • Who are 4N Motors?

4N Motors has a combined automotive experience of over 20 years in the trade. Their specialists are experienced in all things automotive and aim to deliver your dream car with satisfaction. At 4N Motors they aim to go beyond customer expectations with a range of aftersales products and exceptional customer service.

  • Why truck advertising?

Driving more people to their dealership is the name of the game. So using the traffic on the roads, those who love cars, those who use cars, those who need a new car, those who’ve outgrown their car. They are all there on the London roads driving to work or for pleasure.

They’ve highlighted their website, they’ve called their customers to action (who doesn’t want that new car feeling?) and they’ve popped their contact details into the website. Specifically, their web address which means they’ll be able to track an increase in visitors to their website.

We look forward to seeing the results of the 4N Motors 4 month campaign and as usual, if you see the truck travelling around London grab us a photo (if it is safe to do so!).