Milestones with miles

We’re here to talk about miles and milestones.

If you follow us on social media you’ve probably seen us share our milestone celebrations with our advertisers.

We talk about rowing boats across the Atlantic, travelling around the World (once, twice AND five times) and going to the moon (and back!).

Over the past few weeks some of our advertisers have hit their first milestone celebration so we thought we’d outline how we know and how easy it is to hit a milestone.

  • How we track miles

Our GPS tracking is placed on the trailers simply because that’s where your advert is. It’s important to know how often your trailer goes onto the road, where it goes and for how long. It’s GPS there’s nothing new about mileage tracking; it’s important to us to track this for advertisers as it helps give a service level agreement (or DrivenMedia promise as we refer to it) on what we’ll deliver whilst your trailer is making deliveries.

  • How quicky can you get there

Over the past few weeks a few of our new advertisers have hit a milestone. So we thought we’d highlight that firstly we don’t dictate WHOSE trailer is out on the road but we do have strong agreements with our hauliers and they deliver (literally and figuratively!).

DrivenMeida postcards

This advertiser has 1 rear advertisement travelling nationally and achieved 3,426 miles in just 5 weeks.

With two full wraps this advertiser reached the milestone of covering 3,426 in only 3 weeks!

It took just one week for Huboo to hit this target simply because they have 4 full wrap trailers eating the miles on the SouthWest’s road networks.

This fully wrapped truck took 4 weeks to cover 3,426 miles.

Roder: Round the World

Roder have a full wrap truck travelling nationally and they’ve achieved 25,000 miles in 37 weeks.

Herald Plastics: Twice around the World

Launched at different times this advertiser has two fully wrapped trucks covering the UK road network; 1 truck took 79 weeks added the second truck which took 11 weeks to add the miles up to a combined 50,000 miles!

So when we’re asked how quickly you can cover the miles our questions will always be around what your budget is for advertising and how much coverage you want. What this shows is with a fleet you’ll go far FAST and with a rear you can still get the miles eaten up in a good time frame.