OOH metrics

Tracking leads from ooh
  • How do you measure your advert’s performance?

When it comes to Out of Home advertising metrics it’s long been understood that it’s much harder to do.

It’s harder because you can’t be guaranteed exposure.

It’s harder because finding a way to measure the advert’s performance is tricker.

But that shouldn’t stop you. We want you to understand your OOH advertisement performance when you’re using our media.

So here’s some questions we’ve been asked and the answers we have.

  • Can you use social media?

Of course! Sticking a hashtag on your truck advert is an OK way to measure whether you are getting good exposure.

Just like Moose Juice who had a shout out on their social channels saying ‘Get a boost from the Moose’ which is the truck tag line! Thank you Jamie Pells!

With a hashtag on your truck you could get conversation going on social channels which is measurable for you. You might get more visitors, followers or interaction on your social feed that can be linked back to your on-truck campaign.

Use your truck to spark a conversation, both Opportuni and The Cheeky Panda have done this to great success. In fact Panda McTruck Face, Rocky Bambooa and Rolls Choice are names for some of their trailers, and these names came from a social media competition to name all of their trucks The Cheeky Panda ran. Clever!

  • Can you use a landing page or UTM tracked URL?

Absolutely, one of the things we push is putting that call to action on your trucks if brand awareness is not your sole purpose for advertising. Our rears have ‘search DrivenMedia’ and we keep an eye on our Google Analytics to see what new traffic has landed and where from, the correlation form a new rear launching and the traffic from the areas it’s been is hard to ignore.

The website on your truck advert is more than just useful it can really help you understand if our traffic has driven more traffic onto your website!

  • Does ad placement get good results?

You can start to see if your advert has been placed properly by the activity in that area; for example CT-1 wanted regional coverage in London to increase their brand awareness amongst builders and plumbers in that area. The results can be seen from sales increasing in that area whether you are selling via physical or online shops.

  • How do we highlight your truck advert performance?

You get a weekly tracking report from DrivenMedia which tells you how far your truck has driven, in miles, how many hours your advert has been on the road and an estimate of the number of impacts (we do this by averaging your GPS data with the reach statistics we have proven i.e. a full wrap truck advert is seen on average 55,000). This lands in your inbox every Monday for every advertiser whether you have 1 or 100 adverts on the road.

We encourage spotted photos and get some great image of action shots from people. These are shared on social media so our followers see your advert and if you want to you can share with your followers too!

What DrivenMedia know about our OOH advertising media is that we can reach into areas other’s can’t; it’s impactful advertising whether you put one on a truck or many!  Our adverts can’t be blocked; you can’t scroll past it. It’s right there in front of your eyes if you are a driver, or a bus passenger (great no distractions unless they are on their phone) or even a pedestrian in cities (not Motorways obviously!). But it’s still important to measure your advert’s performance wherever you are advertising.