Roasting the roads

LUME Truck Advert

Delighted to welcome a brand new subscription rear advertiser to the DrivenMedia fleet.

Lume Coffee, which is roasted in Yorkshire, is hitting the road with a rear advert travelling nationally. They’ve chosen truck OOH advertising over train advertising simply because the roads have become busier than ever whilst commuters are still not back on the railway network in the numbers they were pre-pandemic.

With 8 sumptuous blends of coffee they say ‘Each blend and bag of coffee is hand crafted to offer you a truly unique tasting experience’. So perfect for coffee lovers ANYWHERE in the country (they deliver!).

Lume Coffee offers a great subscription package themselves, perfect for all those coffee drinking drivers travelling on the UK’s road network. And with the DrivenMedia on-truck advert there’s a special offer on the table.

Using an offer code like this really helps you understand how effective an advert is for you. The trick is not to use the same one across multiple adverts in different spaces (for example if you did a magazine advert AND a truck advert AND a social media advert).

There’s more too. If you visit their website (which is exactly what they want coffee drinking drivers to do!) you can spin the wheel for a special prize to add to your coffee filled basket.

Welcome to the fleet Lume Coffee, we look forward to seeing the results of using our traffic to drive traffic to your online subscription webpage!

LUME Hits the road