Brining gaming to the roads

Game Key Store Trailer advert

Delighted to have launched a new advertiser this week; The Game Key Store.

They launched their own business in 2021 and here’s what they say about themselves:

‘The Game Key Store strive to deliver the best prices on the latest video game titles. Alongside video games, getting the latest titles on the latest consoles, we sell credits for various online retailers, and operating system keys.

The Game Key Store also pride themselves on their 5 star customer service, and various promotions they run throughout the year.’

They chose a rear only advert and a short campaign period (3 months) to enable them to try a new form of advertising. Of course they are a digital savvy advertising business but that’s a busy place where people can scroll on by unlike the road users who catch sight of a truck advert.

We’re looking forward to watching the performance of their on-truck advertisement and seeing if they see a spike in website visitors now they are on the road.

Thanks for choosing DrivenMedia as your OOH advertising partner, we love helping small businesses thrive!