Leads by text

Motorly advertising on the Motorway

Pleased to let you know that Motorly are now on the road with three rear only adverts travelling nationally.

Motorly is where car finance is made easy so obviously, their target audience are right behind those rears. And with this advertising campaign they are leading with way with a new lead generation call to action.  Because these adverts need to provide a return on investment; they are for inbound lead generation rather than brand awareness.

Using a text code concept Motorly want those drivers to be able to quickly get approved for car finance.

So the more their phones are pinging the happier Motorly will be. And in the few short days their fleet of adverts has been out on the road those trucks have already eaten up some miles.

Rears to remember:

  •  Rears are seen by ~20,000 people a day
  •  The more adverts you have on the road the greater your reach
  •  CTAs are essential on your adverts
  •  Trucks can be used for lead generation

Welcome to the DrivenMedia fleet and we hope your phone pings persistently!

Motorly adding to fleet